Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Family Study Journal

At home, in my pseudo office/craft/exercise room, I have a collection of binders. 5 blissfully organized binders. Because Hubster and I have an over abundance of school work, two of the binders are reserved for past assignments, papers, and notes - all the boring stuff - but the other three binders are really very useful and did I mention organized?!? Yes? Well, I love the "O" word. I'm sure I'll eventually give you a little peek into all three binders but today I want to show off the latest edition: 

{The Family Study Journal}

I came up with this little idea as a way for Hubster and I to really focus on our spiritual study. We are constantly busy with school, work, projects, and loads of homework, so it is sometimes difficult to find time to hold our weekly Family Home Evening. {For more on the fabulous idea that is FHE click here} This binder serves as our year long plan of study and helps us stay organized and focused on spiritual enlightenment!

Creating a Family Study Journal is really simple. First, come up with a topic for each month in the year. Because Hubster and I were focused on our spiritual learning this year we picked the following topics:
2nd Coming
BOM Prophets
The Smiths
Latter-Day Prophets
Christ's Ministry

You really can pick any topic that you, as a family or couple, want to learn about. Include favorite books, hobbies, or subjects that are interesting and exciting to everybody so that everyone can be committed to learning and study all year long!

Next, assemble your binder. My binder has three "sections."

 This section is really more of a sheet. The very first page of our binder is a list of our New Year's goals. This just helps to remind us what we are working towards.

Please notice that Hubster's goals are still blank. . . hm. . . interesting!

 Again, section two is really more of a sheet. In the front pocket of our binder is a Reading Chart to mark off each day we read from the scriptures. (This is one of our New Year's goals) You could keep a chart to mark off any family goals. It's nice to have this chart with our study material so we can look at it and record our progress each week.

Finally, a real section! Section three consists of a tab, topic page, calendar, notes page, and space for articles and information for each month.

 At the beginning of each month, we sit down and review the topic we have selected. Then, we assign the lucky winner of each week's lesson and of course, plan a treat. The calendar helps us to plan ahead and schedule lesson assignments around our busy schedules. The topic page behind each tab simply lists the topic and a scripture or brief description for of that month's theme. The notes page is used to record scriptures, favorite quotes, or inspirations, and there is extra space behind each notes page for articles, information, pictures, activities and whatever else we want to use and save for that month's lessons.

Easy Peasy! While our journal isn't anything flashy, and I would be lying if I told you it has magically turned us in to diligent, super FHE people, it has been helpful in keeping our study organized and us motivated.

I really believe that one key to a happy family is to be spiritually fed everyday! So, as my a gift to all the other binder-lovers out there or those of you who are looking to organize the chaos that is FHE here are the printable versions of the {Family Study Journal}. Nothing fancy but very useful!
In pdf and word - so you can customize :)




(Word Doc)

(Word Doc)

NOTE: The Printables seem to load better when using Internet Explorer. If you have problems, just let us know!


And as all have not faith, seek ye diligently and teach one another words of wisdom; yea, seek ye out of the best books words of wisdom; seek learning, even by study and also by faith. 
D&C 88: 118

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