Thursday, February 9, 2012

Homemade Valentine

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Last week, Hubster said, and I quote, "I hate Valentines Day. It's just a stupid holiday used to make guys feel bad about themselves for not getting their woman something really nice." Well, that's one opinion.

Unfortunately for the love-of-my-life, I enjoy V-Day. It's warm, fuzzy, everything is Red (my third favorite color). Not to mention it is a great time to be creative in spreading the L-O-V-E. So here are
2 Homemade Valentine Ideas for showing your significant other (or mom, dad, sibling, kiddo, and crush) how much you heart them this Valentine's Day - cheap and easy style. Complete with free printables!

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Remember the coupon books every single one of use gifted our parents at least once during childhood? I usually gave 1 Free Car Wash or 1 Free Night of Dishes. Well, a few Christmases ago, I gifted Hubster with a set of LOVE TICKETS for things like Movie of Your Choice, 1 Night Without Dishes, and other, "non-postable," activities ; surprisingly they were a total hit! So, here are two ideas for love tickets on the Holiday of Love!

LOVE TICKET Scavenger Hunt
Prepare a set of tickets by downloading the free printable below and writing one reason you love your Valentine on each ticket. *These tickets work best when printed on Card Stock* Then download the printable 'Reward Sheet' below and fill in your chosen rewards.

Early V-Day morning, sneakily hide LOVE TICKETS for your Valentine to find throughout the day. You could hide them in backpacks, briefcases, pockets, sock drawers, lunch boxes, cars, cracker boxes, etc. Then, wake your Valentine with a kiss and present them with the Reward Sheet and Poem (also found below) and wish them luck. (If you're Valentine is of the mini-person variety, you might want to explain the idea of collecting LOVE TICKETS throughout the day to redeem for a prize.)

At the end of the day, ask your Valentine for their collection of LOVE TICKETS and their choice of reward then bask in the LOVE together!

(This version is good for large families and the romantics among us!)
Again, print off a few sets of LOVE TICKETS, but this time leave them blank. Find a jar, basket, or bowl for each member of the family and label it with their name or find one big, family jar. Set the love containers and blank LOVE TICKETS in a prominent family area (i.e. the kitchen table, coffee table, or counter). On Valentine's Morning explain to each family member that the LOVE TICKETS should be used to send special notes to each other throughout the day, by writing why they love the other person and placing that ticket in the the other's jar.

At the end of the day, give each jar to its owner and, as a family, read the love tickets while having a V-Day treat! Reading the LOVE TICKETS will help each family member feel appreciated and spread a little family happiness on the day of Hearts!
and another version HERE
This simple idea is fun to show your better-half how much you care throughout the day by giving them a card to open at just the perfect moment. First, download and print the free printables of  the Love Time Heart Cards. *Again, best on Card Stock* There are two versions cards available. One version runs with the Valentine's Day theme of '14,' with a card for the fourteenth minute of each hour. The other version is blank and can be customized for special times throughout the day. (I'm thinking of using important dates for the time on my cards - first date, proposal, wedding)

After printing your cards, leaving a special message for your Sweet Heart, and sealing them with a kiss, bundle the cards up and deliver them all at once, if you don't see each other often, or deliver each card one at a time throughout the day. Valentine's also love treat, so attaching each card to a treat is acceptable!
Easy and Sweet!

Hopefully these easy, cheap ideas help you spread a little LOVE this Valentine's Day! Everyone likes to know they are cherished, and little note is just the trick.

Happy Homemade Valentines! 
From us to you!

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