Thursday, March 8, 2012

How to Catch a Leprechaun

This post is for all the kiddos out there (or those of you still young at heart:)  If you're like me, you have always wanted to catch a {Leprechaun}.  When I was little, I spent hours researching and looking for these little green men.  So, as part of Green Week here at Happiness is Homemade, I thought I would share some of my knowledge with you.  I hope this helps you with your Leprechaun hunting this year!

Before you begin your search, you must understand what a Leprechaun is.  A Leprechaun is a mischievous elf of Irish folklore who is believed to have a hidden pot of gold.  They are the shoemakers of the elves.  Leprechauns are very short and small, and they are very clever.  They are masters at eluding human traps.  These tricky little men love to wear green and they are attracted to anything green.  Leprechauns are wary of humans because they know that most humans who capture them are greedy and only want their gold.  Leprechauns are magical, mysterious and intriguing little creatures!

Tips for looking for Leprechauns I learned as a child:

- Wear as much green as possible (I had a green jumpsuit ... ya, I was into it!)
- Check the clover patch.  Leprechauns love clovers, especially the four-leafed ones!
- Leave tiny notes for your green friends (I wanted the Leprechauns to know that I was not looking for them so I could snatch their gold.  All I wanted was to be friends.  I let them know that!...I love the innocence of youth:)
- If caught, a Leprechaun will grant his captor three wishes
- Listen closely for the sound of tiny taps.  Leprechauns are shoemakers, and the quiet tapping of their hammers can often be heard.
- Leprechauns are attracted to gold and green.
- Watch for Leprechaun footprints...they will be tiny!
- Leprechauns are very fast, so you have to watch closely.  If you see a sudden flash of green, you are close to one of the little men!

You can set up all sorts of traps to catch a Leprechaun.  Be as creative as you like!  Here are a couple of examples I found from other Leprechaun enthusiasts:)  What ideas do you have?  Have you ever seen a Leprechaun!:)  Good luck!!

As sure as there are Leprechauns to make a wish come true, tis nothing but the happiest days I am wishing you.

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