Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday Smile Challenge!!!

Can I share something that made me smile today?  I went couponing with my sister {who is AMAZING at couponing!} and our purchases retailed for around $80...we paid...$23!  We got eight 4-packs of Activia yogurt for...wait for it...FREE!  (well, .09 tax). SCORE!  $0.50 for a box of Fiber One cereal, and FREE Parmesan cheese!  SCORE!  Anyway...

After we unloaded our haul into the van, I took the shopping cart to the cart corral.  I thought: how awesome and thoughtful would it be if someone came and offered to put my cart away for me? 

And so...

{Your challenge should you choose to accept it}:
Offer to take a fellow shopper's shopping cart back to the cart corral for them.  Warning: you may receive an incredulous look from the recipient of this service.  They will smile once what you are doing sinks in. :)

We would LOVE to hear your stories!  This could be fun, and just think what a difference we could make if we all decide to do this.

The small things are the big things:)

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