Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday Smile Challenge: Snap a Picture

Since starting this blog, we've thought a lot about capturing and remembering the things that make us truly happy. All the big things - family, faith, health - and all the little things. So, here is your {Monday Smile Challenge}, should you choose to accept it:

Snap a picture of something that makes you truly happy. It can be a big thing or a small, simple thing that brings a smile. After you've captured your happy, share it with us! You can email your picture, upload it to Facebook with a tag to Happiness is Homemade or post it on your own blog and leave us a comment. Next week, we'll be sharing pictures of the things that make us and you happy!

My happiness today came from this:

My first Summer Sandwich of Spring. It's amazing what happiness a little cheese, toast and tomato can create. Delicious!

{Coming This Week}
A Summer Reading List
Delicious Vegetarian Recipes

Have a Happy Monday!!

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