Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Family Paper Football Tournament

First, Happy Leap Day!  

My Dad taught me the wonderfully simple yet incredibly fun game of {paper football} when I was little.  I loved playing the game with my Dad or with my friends when they came over to hang out  I still love this little game, and it still makes me smile!  So, if you are ready to fill your house with smiles and giggles, huddle up!  Grab your jerseys, face paint and a water bottle and keep reading to see how you can have your own {Family Paper Football Tournament!!}

First, make your paper football!
I am sure most of you already know how to make a paper football, but just in case, here ya go!

Next...How to Play Paper Football

1. Two players sit across the table from each other.

2. To determine who goes first, rock-paper-scissors or another method of your choice works!

3. The player who is going first places the football on the table in from of him.  He then flicks the ball towards his opponent using one or more fingers or sliding it with his hand.

4. The ball is not be touched as it slides across the table.  If it falls off the table, no points.  If it stays on the table but is not hanging over the edge a little, no points.  To score a touchdown (worth 6 points), the football must be hanging off the edge of the table (a little or a lot!), like this:

5. If a touchdown is scored, the player who scored gets the ball back.  His opponent makes goal posts with his fingers by making an "L" shape with the thumb and pointer finger of each hand and putting them together (see below):

6. The player who scored then attempts an extra point by holding the football up on one corner with one hand and flicking it into the air towards the "goal posts" with the other hand.  It is the same type of motion as a real field goal. (just the mini finger version!)  If the football goes through the "goal posts" (like the picture above) then the extra point (worth one) is counted.
7. If no touchdown is scored, play continues back and forth until a player scores a touchdown and then he can try for an extra point.

8. The person who scores the most points is the winner!  (You can decide how many points you will go to or set a time limit for the game)

So, how can you turn this into a fun family tournament?  The sky is the limit!  Here are some ideas:

- Draw a bracket on poster board and hang it up for all tournament-goers to see
- Have lots of yummy snacks to much on
- Spend some time together before the tournament begins making and customizing your own footballs. (crayons, marker, paints, whatever you want!)
- Have some small prizes for the winner(s)
- Everyone stand around the table of the two who are playing and cheer them on.

This can be as simple or as grand as you want.  Be creative! Have fun!  We would love to see pictures of what you decide to do for your family tournaments.

I am excited to challenge Mr. Handsome to a game of paper football, if he dares:)

A family who plays together stays together!

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