Monday, April 9, 2012

Monday Smile Challenge: An Extra Chore

Well, last week was a dud. After congratulating our winners, we both spent the week either being sick or tending to the sick. There were plenty of popsicles, naps, cuddles, tissues and sniffles, which didn't leave a lot of time for blogging. But a long weekend of sunshine has cleared us all right up and we're ready another {Monday Smile Challenge}!

{Your challenge should you choose to accept it}:
Help someone at home complete a chore; in secret or not. I know, as mothers, homemakers, and women in general, we are pretty much the primary chore doers of the house, but it never hurts to chip in a little. If it's your spouses turn to fix dinner, ask if you can do it instead. If your little one needs a little extra motivation making their bed, do it for them. If your roommate insists on never cleaning the bathroom, give it a good scrub.

A clean and tidy home is certainly a happy home, and clean and happy family doesn't hurt either!

{Coming Tomorrow}
A DIY sign to brighten your home for Spring!

So glad we're back and SO glad it's Sunny!

Love ya!

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