Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sign of Spring

When Spring hits, most people plan a picnic, take a hike, or plant flower; I craft. Maybe it's my years of experience in the unpredictable Southern Utah weather where June snow frequently kills off picnics, hikes, and flowers. So, when the sun started streaming through my windows this weekend, I decided it was time to brighten up the living room a little. In honor of Spring and all.

I've had this board lying around my craft space for a few months, just begging for inspiration, and I decided to turn it into an inspirational sign. Including paint dry time, the whole project took about two hours; leaving plenty of time for a springtime, weekend nap :)

1 8.5x10 board
My favorite blue paint
A homemade stencil
White paint
Paper towels

I decided that I wanted a vintage-y, rough look for my sign rather than a crisp, clean look so when turning my board blue I used a long bristle brush and painted with very random strokes. It took a few coats but it turned out great.

Next, I used my trusty Silhouette SD to create a homemade stencil. I LOVE my Silhouette. Oh, how I love it. L-O-V-E. I usually use a super thick piece of Cardstock or sheet protector to make stenci,l but for this piece I wanted a little leak through around the edges of the letters, so I just used a regular piece of printer paper. To maintain the inside shapes of letters like 'a', 'd', and 'e', I glued the inside circle (hoping this makes sense) to the board with a really cheap glue stick and picked them off with tweezers after the paint dried. My quote comes from this song.

Then I started to paint. Because I was out of sponge brushes and too lazy to head to the dollar, I decided to use a blotting paint method. Sounds pretty legit right? Well, what you REALLY do is wad up a paper towel, dip it in your paint, and then sponge the towel over your stencil. It's super chic. ;)

Using a paper towel allowed me to still get some airiness in the paint. Instead of the solid white result of a paint brush, blotting with the towel let some blue show through. Make sure you don't have too much paint on the towel or else your stencil might not last long. I always dip the towel in the paint, then dab it on a piece of newspaper before blotting the piece.

Then I waited for the paint to dry. It took about 40 mintues or one episode of OTH on Netflix. Yeah, I frequently measure time by t.v. episodes.

After the paint finally dried, I employed Hubster in rearranging the books and decor on our bookcases until I found just the right spot for our new sign.

It adds so much color to the black abyss that is our bookcases and I just love it! Inspiration and spring color all in one!


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