Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My Mother

It took my mom a long time to get me from Heaven. My guess is that I was too scared  to go or else I got distracted by something shiny while standing on the Saturdays Warrior style launchpad. Either way, I am grateful my mother wanted me badly enough to not give up.

I was supposed to be named Kalonni. Then I came out looking like a pale, hairless rat. You can't give a translucent baby a Hawaiian name. So instead, my mom named me Erin; one half of her most favorite "twin names". I am grateful my mother named me a four-letter word so I could learn to laugh at myself, rather than commiserate on what could have been.

As a toddler, I was a daddy's girl. I am a legend in Iron County for interrupting the fair parade with terrified screams of hatred and resentment towards the evil float that took my daddy away and locked him up in a paper mache jail house. I am grateful my mom encouraged me to love my dad as much as she did so that I could understand that a real man is much more than rippling muscles and loads of cash. {Not that my dad doesn't have rippling muscles!}

During my first dance review I rubbed all of the makeup off my face because it was so itchy, I have  a serious aversion to lace, and I will always pick tennis shoes over high heels. I am grateful my mom taught me that being a lady is more about how I act than what I wear.

Most Saturday evenings I would catch my mom curled up with a good book. I would join her and then my brothers would join us, and we would sit, contentedly, reading the night away.  I am grateful my mother taught me the importance of reading and learning and exploring the world.

When I was twelve, I was assigned to give a short talk in our ward. I was terrified. I cried on the way to church, I cried as I sat through the opening exercises, and I cried through my entire 30 second talk; but I gave the talk. I am grateful my mom pushed me to exceed my own expectations, and I am glad she cried right along with me from the audience.

My high school friends would always beg to come over to my house because they thought I had the cool parents. I was always under the impression that "cool" parents didn't do hand-checks during movies; apparently I was wrong. I am grateful my mom taught me to always remember who I am and whose I am, especially when it's not cool.

During my Sophomore year of college, a paper I wrote for my English class was selected to be published in a campus journal. I was also asked to recite a small section of my paper at a reading. I am grateful my mother supported me enough to drop everything and drive two hours just to hear my two minute reading.

The weekend of my wedding, my mom helped me pack up my room. We tossed stuffed animals, trophies, thank you notes, and pictures into boxes, talking and reminiscing about my childhood. Then we both cried. I am grateful my mom was my best friend and chose to lovingly bestow that title upon my husband.

Now I call my mom nearly everyday. Mostly I ask her how many teaspoons a recipe calls for or how to remove pudding stains from a blouse, or I just whine about something inconsequential. And, I am grateful my mom always listens and agrees with me and then tells me how life really is.

I am me because of my mom and the lessons she taught me. I understand that sometimes blessings take awhile and that it is much better to laugh at yourself - even when you look like a rat - than to think about what might have been. Most of the time, I can act like a lady. {I'm even wearing mascara AND  lace right now} I value my education and know that everyday holds a new lesson. Public speaking isn't scary anymore, in fact, it's kind of what I do, but I know that when I do face something scary, my mom will be right there, crying along with me. I recognize that loving and supporting my family should always be most important. I have my faith, my wonderful husband, my morals, and my drive because of my mom.

Because that is what moms do. Moms embarrass us and make us do the things we hate. They support us even when we are being difficult. They pray for our success and they wipe all our tears and they fight away the monsters under our beds.They love us unconditionally, everyday and just hope, with fingers crossed, that we are learning the lessons they are trying to teach.

When I was little, I wanted to grow up and be a school teacher. Now I want to grow up to be just like my mom.

Happy Mother Day!


  1. That was beautiful, Erin! What an awesome Mother's Day present :)

    1. Thanks Judy!! I just really love that mother of mine :)


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