Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Life for Me

When I was small, I wanted a dog,
I wished I was Irish and loved to play pogs,
I dressed up like a teacher, an astronaut, too.
The world was wide open with so much to do!
I dreamed of my future and what it would hold,
When people asked what I wanted to be, they'd be told
A teacher, an Indian and maybe a chef,
Perhaps a house builder but for sure not a ref.
Being a professional athlete would be so fun,
or maybe an archeologist working out in the sun.

All of these things would be great, that's for sure,
But number one on my list I want even more,
A Mommy! I'd say, is what I want to be,
The life of a Mom is the life for me!

Now as I look into the eyes of my son,
I know that I am the lucky one.
Each day bring challenges, laughs and tears,
And I look forward to the minutes, the weeks and the years.

Motherhood is amazing, I can't even explain,
It's an exciting adventure on brand new terrain.
Handprints on windows, sticky food on the floor,
slobbery kisses and the first time he signed "more,"
Tiring nights, temper tantrums and falls,
Playing with cars and loving to throw balls,
Tickles and tackles, high fives and hugs,
Head bonks, colds and trying to eat bugs,
Giggles and smiles that melt my heart,
Trying so hard to climb out of the grocery cart,
 First words and first foods, nothing compares,
To a hug and a kiss that shows you he cares.

His tiny hand in ours and ours in the Lord's,
Each day is a blessing , and we're never bored,
Being a Mom is my dream come true,
There's nothing else I'd rather do.

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