Tuesday, October 1, 2013

We're Back!

To Our Gentle Readers,

It has been 501 days since we last posted. 5-0-1. That's a lot of days. We expect that most of you have given up on ever reading another post from Happiness is Homemade and we can't even really remember why we left, but . . .WE'RE BACK. {And, might we add, better than ever.}

A lot has changed since our last post all those days ago. Here's the Reader's Digest version:

Erin and Hubster were blessed with a beautiful baby boy in February. He is anything but little, full of energy, and teaching her so much everyday! At 7 months, he is finally mobile, which is exciting for him and scary terrifying for mom and dad. Their little family as also relocated to East Tennessee where Hubster is working on a graduate degree. {It's like they live for school or something!} Since the move, Erin has traded in her full-time job for another full time job: mother/homemaker. She will take the diaper pail over the filing cabinet any day! She still loves to craft, organize, create, and is finding joy in just living on love while on this adventure called school.


Rachel and Mr. Handsome added another adorable baby boy {Mr. B} to the bunch in December.  Little Man loves being a big brother and is learning how to share.  They are loving life with two little boys!  Mr. Handsome is working full-time and is a few months away from receiving his hard-earned degree.  Little Man loves any form of transportation {cars, planes, trains, etc...}, playing in the mud and dressing up like superheros.  He is full of energy and is soon embarking on the much anticipated adventure of potty training.   10 month old Mr. B is a handsome little guy full of smiles and an adorable, playful personality.  He decided it was okay to grow up and is walking like a champ, says a few words {uho, mom, wow} and is so excited to be able to follow big bro around.  Rachel works hard and plays hard from 'sons up 'til sons down' and loves being a mommy.  She is also pursuing her love of capturing life's beautiful moments through the lens of her camera as the owner of Life is Beautiful Photography.  Life is good :)

We really hope you all find your way back {and bring a friend} as we resume journaling our pursuit to bring happiness, beauty, and peace into our homes! We have SO many awesome projects and ideas that we can't even wait to share; along with some stellar free printables and delicious recipes.

So, welcome back! We missed you.

Check back tomorrow for another great 'Binder' post! 

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