Thursday, October 17, 2013

No More Missing Library Books {or late fees}

Remember Arthur? The cartoon about a lovable gang of elementary age animals who teach great life lessons? Cartoon staple in my house growing up. I don't know if Arthur still airs on PBS. I sure hope so because one of my life mantras came from Arthur.

Having fun isn't hard, when you have a library card!

At my house, we have LOADS of fun with our library card. The first time we visited the library in our new neighborhood we came back with four good reads:

 The second time we visited the library, we came back with eleven good reads:

Good thing the check out limit is thirty-five because our fun just keeps getting better. Mister M. is really at home at the library and often has a hard time picking just a few books. I think he could spend all day reading!

Isn't that the cutest library patron you have every seen? He seriously sat there looking at that book for five minutes!
 Our addiction to books and the need for an ever larger bag on library day got me to thinking: I'm pretty sure, once we hit about twenty books one or two are going to get lost in the shuffle on due day. I know the librarian hands out neat little slips listing every item and giving the due date but really, who keeps those . . . oh, you do? Well, I don't. Until now this wasn't a problem for me because I could keep my stack of library books neatly shelved on my nightstand, but now I have a little crawler with tendencies to "read" his books in all sorts of places. 

So instead of relying on myself to actually keep track of the library receipt, I created this nifty bookmark. Now, when we get home from the library I sit down with my bookmark and list every book we checked out for the week. I also mark down the due date and use my new book list as a place holder in my current read.

Easy peasy. Lemon squeezy! 
{The man at Jiffy Lube taught me that ring-dinger!}
It really has been nice to have my list right in front of me every day. This way, when the due date hits I won't be as surprised by the menacing "PLEASE RETURN YOUR BOOKS OR ELSE" email from the library because I'll have glanced at the due date all month. I will also not be frantically looking in each of Mister M's board books for a library label on said date.

Having fun is definitely not hard when you have a library card!

Would you like to trade in your pesky little receipt for a delicious bookmark?

Click HERE for the downloadable version. And, if twelve spaces are not enough for you, click HERE for an optional backside to your bookmark.

Happy Reading!

I'm curious, what do you use to carry your books to and from the library? My cloth shopping bag is just not cutting it these days. Suggestions?


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